about lipstick (or any other lip beauty products)

It’s Monday, so let me start with an unimportant post (in this blog that I ignore a lot of times).

I had this conversation with mom on Saturday night about lipstick. It all started when I held her long-unused lipstick. Here’s how the conversation went, approximately:

Mom: Do you like the colour? You can take it if you like. I bought it long time ago but rarely use it.

Me: (with my usual hesitation over taking anything.. literally anything) errr.. are you sure? I don’t use lipstick though.. so even if I take it, I will rarely use it too.

Mom: But why..? You don’t use lipstick? At your age it’s totally okay to use it. Don’t you use it to work?

Me: (picturing female office-mates in my head) nope..

Mom: just take it..

So there the lipstick goes, to my cosmetics drawer, waiting for the new owner to use.

I don’t really like using lipstick or any other lip products, because it makes my lips “pop”. Plus, it sticks on the glass/cup that I use. Errr.. I kinda think it’s gross to leave it stick like that. But yea, maybe I’ll try to use it a little bit. 😛


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