about wishful thinking

Back in my school years (especially the ones I’d spent overseas), I’m used to talk straightforwardly. I didn’t really care about politeness and sweet talks because I don’t deal with commercial issues anyway at my first work. Moreover, I come from engineering where most students are guys, and most guys talk straightforwardly.

However, being in a position where I have to deal with a lot of people trains me how to shape those wishful thinkings in others’ heads. Unconsciously, the sweet talks are applied outside of work too. When I see old friends or talk to them (via Whatsapp or other messengers *not the real kind of talk), I will sweetly say promises I don’t think I can keep. I know I’m a bad girl, but giving people hopes enlightens me.

Conversation example (at work):
Customer A: Mam, when can you submit document Z to us?
Me: Soon.. 🙂 It’s in the process of checking at the moment and I’m hoping to submit it to you within next week. [The truth would be: it was still a blank document and nobody has touched it yet]
Customer A: Good. Let’s talk about it more on our next meeting then..



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