about writing (part x of x)

Some of my close friends might have known that my hidden obsession is…. writing. Yes, and that’s why I created a blog in the first place (humm.. blogs, if you count my first naive blogspot blog too :P). As an introvert, I express myself better through writing. However, I’m always too ashamed of letting anyone read any of my writings.

Back in high school, I wrote some short stories about (puppy) love. As I grew older, the creativity just stuck and I tend to write about my opinion more. The inspiration can come from anywhere; I’ve written something about my dreams and simply what I see on my way to work. Still, I don’t have enough courage to show anyone my writings. Maybe later in life, or maybe never. One thing for sure, I’m not gonna live out of my writings/books/publications. Let it still be my hobby. 🙂

me, writing 😛

*Cheer up for Monday morning! 😀

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