Koizora (Sky of Love)

It’s been a while since I last posted about any TV series. Well, in my last 6 month of working, I didn’t have time to watch any. Now that I’m (temporarily) free, I can watch some series. The first choice came to “Koizora” (Sky of Love), a Japanese dorama from 2007.


The story is about Mika Tahara, a high school girl who had a peaceful and protected life in the family before she met Hiroki Sakurai (Hiro), a bad boy with bleached hair. In their first meeting, Hiro kissed Mika without her permission. It was Mika’s first kiss and she was upset that her first kiss had to be like that. She then went out with Tatsuya, as her best friend Aya suggested. However, Mika had fallen for the gentle Hiro and they finally dated.

It’s not a happy-ending type of dorama, but quite amusing to watch. The plot is typical and predictable, yet teaches us of true love. First love never dies, indeed. 🙂


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