about your job

People say that the luckiest person is the one who does things he loves the most for a living.

I say: I’m lucky if I get a job with the biggest salary possible and still have time to do what I love between work.

Well, everyone has his own opinion. If anyone asks me what I love to do the most, I’ll answer writing. Or maybe any other art-related business. Call me a pessimistic, but I’m not confident enough that I have talents there. Maybe I’ll think about having a career in writing (or arts) once I’m married and looking after my children, but for now, definitely no.

Moreover, ever since I’m looking for a job, I have the principle of doing the second favorite thing for a living, because any kind of work will lead you to stress, so why bother making your hobby as a source of stress? I’m a safe player *clears throat*, so I’d prefer save the best for fun.

Here are 3 top reasons of choosing a job:

  1. Money money money.. $$$ Yes, if someone’s lucky enough to get offers from more than 1 company, then most people will prefer the job offer with biggest salary.
  2. Idealism. When you just graduated from a school, let’s say in law, then normally someone will prefer to work in a law firm, regardless of the condition and salary offering in other companies.
  3. Hobby.

Whatever reason that puts you in your position now, I wish you all a good luck! 😉

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