about the last

Everyone must’ve heard the question: what will you do if you know that today is your last day to live? The answer to that question might vary. Some responses to the question are:

  • I’ll spend my last day with the ones that I love the most, saying “sorry” and “thank you” as much as I can so I won’t leave with regret.
  • I’ll spend my last day playing my favorite video game (I was like: “dah!”) and use all the cheats so I could win all the bosses.
  • I’ll spend my last day doing good deeds to all the people I meet, so the last memory of me will be me doing something good for others.
  • etc.

Having lived for more than 20 years now, I’ve faced many farewells in my life. The record will keep increasing as long as I live, I reckon. It might not be my “last day to live”, but it’s been my “last day”. What have I done on my last days in high school, in university, in Bandung, in Melbourne..? I’d spend the days with the people I care about the most, doing things that I love the most, eating food that I know I’ll miss, going to places full of memories, and of course, taking pictures here and there. I’ll record all the good memories and leave all the bads behind, so at the end of the day, I could always smile about the memories.

What would you do in the last moments? 🙂


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