about being friends with guys

Talking about friends, I have quite a unique experience. I went to an all-girls high school, then continued to electrical engineering with only 10% female students (not to mention the last year of the study that I’d spent as the only girl in a class of 30). Was it easy to adapt? The answer is definitely no. Hehehe..

In the first 18 years of my life (from I was born until I graduated from high school), I was always surrounded by girls. I idolized my mom and some older girls, I was a good friend to girls but not to boys, and it was always clumsy when I was with boys. Then suddenly, in my 19th year, I was forced to be friends with guys. Ta-da! Impossible. Out of 4 years of bachelor’s study, I spent 1 year being friends with girls only. Second year onwards, I became more flexible and befriended guys.

Guys have easier life?


It’s now been 7 years since I got to “know” the opposite sex and it’s been a wonderful time. Here are some advantages of being friends with guys:

  1. You get to be yourself. Yes, yourself, your true self. They never care about your appearance (as long as you keep yourself clean *anyway, which girl doesn’t shower for days? Yuck!) and they don’t take your words to the heart. You can joke with them about anything without being worried that it would hurt their feelings (well.. everyone has his limit, but guys’ limits are more tolerant :P).
  2. You have your personal career advisor. Voila! No need to hire anyone to be your career advisor. When it comes to work, guys usually become professionals as soon as they work. They have good senses about impressing bosses and working well.
  3. Relationship advisor. Oops.. you’ve got to be careful about this one, because your boyfriend can be jealous πŸ˜› Anyway, it’s always nice to have a guy friend to whom you can talk about your relationship issues and get a feedback on guy’s views about the problems. It helps you a lot in understanding your partner.
  4. “Bodyguard”. With increasing number of sexual harassment and crime, it is always safer to walk with guy(s). They can be your bodyguard. πŸ˜›
  5. No matter how long you don’t make contacts, when you see each other again, you’ll still be friends.

However, the downside of being friends with guys is (I can only find 1):

Gossips! They also talk about other people. And the most annoying thing is the things that we consider important and sensitive are not that important and sensitive to them that they talk about freely. For example, when you tell them about a guy you like, they will just talk about it until the guy himself knows! Because it’s not a sensitive thing to them. So girls, beware.. they are not as trustworthy as you think they are.. (in my case, I have to make them say a gentleman agreement to not talk about the stuff I tell them)

I think I’ve written this before: no matter how fun it is to be friends with guys, I’m still best friends with girls as they understand my feelings better and they are more loyal. πŸ™‚

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