about being a gentleman

I read an article last week about Indonesian guys tend to be gentlemen because of all the cultural thing, making them put women in the first place. Reading the article, a big “NO” came to mind.

Having lived in the country for 24 years (cut out the 1.5 years I’d spent in Aussie), I see that the conventional thought of Indonesian actually puts women as subordinate of men. Men rule the houses in every family, men are the ones who must work hard and provide living for the whole family, and it will be such a shame if men can’t have works that they can’t provide lives. On the other hand, women would better be in the kitchen to feed the family, women are not in charge for families’ living, and it would be just fine if women don’t work. Such prototyping is normal in the eyes of fellow Indonesian.

Another point of view of being a gentleman is when the guy treats his woman like a queen. A gentleman will open the door for his woman, carry shopping bags (and even his woman’s handbag!), and pay for his woman. Let me tell you something.. that is not a guy being a gentleman, but a woman treats his man as a slave. It is, however, what a “gentleman” should be like. *sigh*

IMHO, by being a gentleman, a guy needs to put women as an equal to himself. Neither of both should be the subordinate of the other. Both men and women can do the same thing without looking at the genders. They do everything together in harmony and be realistic.

So, are Indonesian guys gentlemen? 🙂 Prove it yourselves.


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