communication skill

My boss called me to his room one day to tell me about a complain from a client. It’s about me being rude. At the end of the conversation, he told me to improve my communication skill.

Talking about communication skill, I’ve actually been in a communication workshop once. Failed. Totally. My previous job was engineer, and I didn’t have to keep people satisfied; I only needed to tell people the truth. I did and do the straight talk, which is not acceptable by most “bosses”.

Communication skill is unique to the individual.


I then realized that communication is not only about telling the truth, but it’s an art of conveying the fact with beautiful words so no one will get hurt (or “hurt”). Heading into the professional world, you need to master this skill, especially if your job desc requires you to deal with a lot of clients.

Just like any form of arts, communication skill totally depends on the person. Moreover, it’s the identity of a person himself. A newbie in a company can imitate his seniors in communicating at first, but in the end he will find his own way. There is a theory of communication, but there is never an exact method in doing it. Being flexible and sensitive is the first thing one must understand in communication – sensitive to other’s attitudes and flexible to the situation.

Well, I’m learning the arts.. If I’m not successful in this, then I’ll seriously consider other position which may suit me better. Wish me luck. 🙂

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