Christmas in vain

Time has gone by so quickly lately that I didn’t even realize that [again] this blog has been ignored for so long 😦 I’ve been quite busy but still in the region of happiness. My health has reached its limit, though..

Busy-ness started on Friday 3 weeks ago, when I met up with 2 old friends and ended up going home with my boyfriend, who just finished his “year end” celebration with ppl from his division at work. Later the next weekend, I joined the “year end party” of my boyfriend’s office *arrived home at 1 am*, attended 2 friends’ weddings 2 days in a row. The next week, which is last week, I met up with best friends after work aaaand the Jakarta traffic madness started on Friday, when the rain poured like crazy since 2 pm. I arrived home at 9 pm on Friday, then at 7 pm on Saturday (I was planning on going home early since I felt so tired, so I left at 3 pm in the hope that I’ll reach home by 5 pm).. and here I am, lying on my bed on Christmas day, when the other family members are having a feast. 😦 So sad.

I’m supposed to be sleeping, but realizing that there’s nothing else I could do *somehow I could never fall asleep staying alone at home *I’m a paranoid, I guess.. I end up browsing on YouTube, which I haven’t seen in 3 weeks or so, and updating my blog.

Anyway, regardless of my health state, I would like to wish everyone a happy Christmas. I hope there’s no one else like me, getting sick on Christmas, unable to attend any feast with family and friends. May the peace, joy and blessing of the birth of Jesus Christ be with you and your family, always. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everybody!
Merry Christmas everybody!

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