It feels like just yesterday I celebrated the 2012 New Year’s Eve with my boyfriend and good friends, then in a blink of an eye it’s December already.

A lot of things happened in the last 11 months of 2012 – remarkable things to highlight:

January – I went to Bali for holiday with my family

February – went back to Melbourne to study in my last semester

March – started to polish my CV up and apply for jobs

April – finally accepted the fact that finding a job in Aussie is hard; decided to go back to Jakarta for good after July

May – living life to the fullest 😛

June – arranged holiday after exams while studying for exams -__-”

July – PASSED all subjects.. 🙂

August – enjoyed life at home

September – graduation~ 😀

October – started working

November – getting busy with myself at work

December – …..?

Anyways, December is always my favorite month of the year. It’s the month of feast, holiday, and birthday [not mine]. 🙂 I’m sure this month’s gonna be a good one.


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