When you’re in a situation where you have to decide things, you’re actually faced with two biggest considerations: time and ideal condition.

Everyone wants the best thing to happen to himself, especially when it’s a big thing in life. This is the time idealism come to the surface. I see many people sacrifice their time in order to reach the ideal condition – the best condition in their perspective. It’s never wrong to aim for the best, but in life sometimes you have to be real, IMO. I used to be an idealist but time taught me to be a realist instead. You can never control whatever outside of you but you can adapt and try to get your best from there.

Idealism and Realism are like yin and yang

A friend and I started our “fight” to achieve for Master’s study together. Let’s say we were under the same condition, where many schools rejected us and we had to take the standardization tests a lot of times. We knew the minimum requirements of each school in order for us to pass. Hence, I chose lower-ranked schools where my passing opportunity is higher. My friend, however, is still aiming for the best schools. I set my own limit regardless of the minimum requirement, while my friend sets his own limit to follow the minimum requirements. None of us is wrong, it’s just the matter of idealism.

So then in 2011 I started my Master’s study in a not-so-famous university, which was my lowest priority when applying, and I’ve graduated this year. I’m done. My friend, however, is still struggling to meet the minimum requirements. Almost succeeded. Maybe he’ll go and study his Master’s earlier next year.

In my case, I’m putting “time” in my priority, while my friend is putting “ideal condition” in his priority. Again I say, none of us was wrong – it’s a choice.

Good luck, my friend. 🙂


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