the Jaks

Now that I’ve started working in Jakarta again, there are a few things that I notice everyday. It’s not that I didn’t pay attention the last time (when I worked in the previous company, like, 2 years ago), but I see that these things are getting worse. This city needs something to make everyone realize that they need to care more about their surroundings.

I’ve lived in Australia for the last 1.5 years so I didn’t really pay attention.. but here are a few things:

  • On the road, people who drive the cars tend to play with their gadgets *OK I know that Jakarta traffic is unbeatable, but please?!* that they don’t pay attention to anything else. This includes the people who cross the street. The most annoying thing is that the pedestrians have to wait for the cars to pass before they can cross. Well, it’s not the drivers’ fault when the pedestrians cross on the wrong place, but this applies to all peds, not only the wrong crossers.
  • In public vehicles, in addition to people pay more attention to their gadgets, they won’t share things with people – we are moving towards being individualist. Selfish people are everywhere. They won’t even give their seats away for the elders. In Australia, they are more individualist than us, but they at least care more about others.
  • In the public, more people forget to say “sorry” and “thank you” when they do something bad or appreciate things others do.

Where is the care for others? Indonesian nowadays only show their care for foreigners and not for their own people, the opposite of what should happen.

Happy Wednesday~


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