A lot of ppl are seeking for motivators now – either in life- or business-related matters. Somehow I’m never amazed by these motivators. Or maybe not yet. 😀

To me, motivators are the people who are good at public speaking and marketing themselves they got a lot of attentions from others. This “others” would refer to the people who tend to see life pessimistically, with low self confidence they need other people to motivate them. I, on the other hand, am quite good at motivating myself that I don’t really need those motivations coming from others. Or maybe I’m just simply over confident that all their motivational words will get in through my left ear and directly bypassed through my right ear.

A senior tweeted the other day: all motivators are just pointing out the obvious but they can get a lot of money from their ability to speak. I agree with him. A lot. That’s exactly what I told my bf a couple of months back. Then maybe I should just start thinking about being a motivator myself..? 😛


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