at the right time

I’ve written this thing over and over again in the past 5 years since I started blogging: things will come to you when you least expect it. My mom told me that the first time and those words are still hanging around me up until now.

As a teenager, I joined a lot of quizzes from the magazines. I joined hundreds.. and won 10 times, probably? Out of all hundreds, whether it’s a coincidence or not, I won the ones I expected least. Why least? Because I answered those ones with half-heart so I didn’t keep them in mind. On the days of the announcement, my dad would buy me the newest edition of that magazine for me to see. 🙂 Well, I was lucky sometimes..

This also applied to education. After I graduated high school, I’d applied to the “best” public university in Indonesia, through a national entrance examination which was attended by thousands of high school graduates in the whole country. I remember coming home from the exam crying, begging my mom to allow me to study in a private university where I’d been accepted one month before. However, the unexpected happened.. I received the invitation to study in that very public university! 😀

From those experiences, I should’ve learned to forget what I’ve been through and expect less. However, I still can’t. 😀 I’m still human, who has hopes.. hopes to be admitted to the place I’m expecting….. I can just be sure that everything will come to me at the right time.

*Sorry for abandoning my blog for such a long time xP


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