dream job

I’m the type of person who believes that someone’s career choice has nothing to do with his/her educational background. The background does matter, but it’s not the main thing. I’ve been holding to that principle ever since I was in high school. Things are not always beautiful though – there are times when I was so desperate that I almost gave up. Luckily God always shows me the best. 🙂

When I was still in undergrad, I used to say that I’d like to be a fashion magazine editor. After I graduate, however, I realized that it’s not impossible but it’s not a good career choice for me. I’d written less and less on my own blog and lost my passion in journalism. I’d then followed the career path that I had to take – engineering job. I like it but I know I don’t love it.

Now after finishing my Master’s study, I become more positive in chasing what I love instead of what my background is. One thing I’ve known is that I love engineering, so I’ll continue with engineering-related job. There is slight difference though, I prefer management-related principal jobs. Some interviewers asked me about how I feel like applying for a management-related jobs while my background is engineering. I’d answered honestly but some of them can accept the reason while the others can’t. Let’s just hope that the best job will come. *fingers crossed*

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