instant generation

When I was in high school, I remember my teachers told us that we (the students) were the instant generation, because everything we want can be done/fulfilled in an instant. Looking at myself and friends, we didn’t feel so at the moment – simply because we are late 1980’s kids who were there when there was only one local TV channel and limited shows. *and psssst.. no Internet

As time goes by, however, the technology really develops based on Moore’s law or even faster. You can see the difference between each year’s kids obviously. I’m far more old-fashioned than my friends who were born in early 1990’s, let’s say (my sister was also born in that era). Kids nowadays no longer wants and stands playing with toy cars, for example, because they find that the games on iPad are more interesting.

Instant Messengers (or simply IM) – my life saviour which I cannot imagine I live without now

Digital games are, I have to admit, more educative and simple for the parents. On the other hand, the digital era makes people interact less and lazier because everything can be found from the Internet. It’s an advancement in telecommunication era and technology, yet a drawback in real socialization. Somehow I feel like the technology “draws far away people closer, keeps closer people away”.

people busy playing with their phones in a train station – who’s been disturbed by an old guy (or lady) talking to you in public places?

Seeing the kids nowadays, I can see what my teachers said. If I can see it on the younger generations, then that must be how the older generations feel seeing me *the people from my generation. It’s like a never ending circle which will never find a vantage point unless the older generations share with the younger the way of real interaction and the younger share with the older the technology they’re using. We are the instant generation indeed, but it’s not a bad thing.


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