thank you and goodbye

There’s always a goodbye after a hello. The duration between those 2 depends on the time needed. For example, when going on a holiday, the goodbye will only be 7 days apart (or less, or more) from the hello. What makes every person different is the will to return and say hello again after that goodbye. *it’s getting complicated.. 😛

After saying hello in the beginning of 2011, I finally said goodbye to Australia. Going back to Indonesia for good, but with the determination to visit Australia again later (for holiday and nostalgic moments). Don’t get me wrong, I like Australia a lot – I even wanted to work there at first, but home is always a better place for me. I like being close to my family and friends, and Australia is certainly not the place for me. I like being left alone, but not for so long.

With this post, I’d like to say thank you and goodbye (officially, even though I’m not sure if any friend of mine will read this).

  1. To Melbourne. For being the best city I’ve ever lived in. I love everything about this city – other than the cold-hot-windy-rain-sunny in 1 day *trust me, after 3 months or so I’d get used to the dodgy weather. It’s like love at the first sight. 🙂
  2. To all the people who have helped me during the hardest times. This includes my supportive parents, sister and boyfie. 🙂 Plus Analia and Boni who’d showed Melbourne around in my first months.
  3. To Ratna, Niki and Anupama. My besties from uni. For the last 2, I hope that we can still be friends even though they’ve decided to stay in Australia after finishing their studies.
  4. To my housemates – Gennis, Grace and Judith. Sorry for being so demanding.
  5. To the ‘gang’ who’ve been super patient in dealing with the moody me.

See you when I see you 😉


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