Ikemen Desu Ne

It’s unusual to see a Japanese dorama which was adopted from a Korean dorama, but it happened. “Ikemen Desu Ne” is an adoption of Korean’s “You’re Beautiful”. I watched the Korean version a long time ago and just finished watching the Japanese adoption less than an hour ago. πŸ˜› The plot is similar [of course], but somehow I feel that the Japanese version’s characters are more comical while in the original Korean version they’re more human *as usual. πŸ™‚

Sakuraba Miko [Takimoto Miori], a nun-to-be, had to pretend to be her brother, Sakuraba Mio, as part of a very popular band, A.N. Jell. Mio’s motivation of being a singer was to be able to find their long-lost mother. As soon as Miko took Mio’s place, however, she found out that her mother was long dead. She still joined A.N. Jell with the hope that more news would come though. Things became complicated when all other A.N. Jell’s personnel fell for her – who will she choose? And why did she reject the person she liked most?

A.N. Jell – from left to right: Fujishiro Shu (Fujigaya Taisuke), Sakuraba Miko, Katsuragi Ren (Tamamori Yuta), Hongo Yuki (Yaotome Hikaru)

With a touch of comedy, this drama flows nicely from episode 1-11. Worth watching. πŸ™‚

Comparing Jang Geun Seuk and Tamamori Yuta – Geun Seuk appeared in Ikemen Desu Ne as himself πŸ™‚
The lovely star necklace Ren gave to Miko ❀

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