Time really flies. It feels like just yesterday I arrived in Melbourne, with limited English skill due to the fact that it’d been years since I last spoke English properly and regularly, then now my 1.5 years have been almost over.

I’m really happy by the fact that I’ve been able to study here and meet people from different countries and backgrounds, but enough is enough. Later, back in Indonesia, I’m so not going to study anymore. Well, formally, I meant. Thank God I didn’t take Master’s by research, otherwise my life would’ve been more miserable. 😛

I’ve just finished my last exam today, and I’m now feeling…. content. I’m happy, sad, touched at the same time. Happy that finally my study’s over and I can go back to Indonesia to be together again with family, boyfriend and friends; sad that I’m leaving this wonderful city [with 180 degree difference with Jakarta, of course]; touched that I can survive living on my own. 🙂 I’m so gonna miss Melbourne :’)

Well, now that exam’s over, it’s time to……………… wrap things up. I just realised that deciding to leave means I’ll have to close things down. And unfortunately, I’m subscribed to so many membership that people here give for free. So I now have to unsubscribe for all of them. -__-” This is the laziest part of it all.

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