Someone said before that growing old is a certain thing while growing up is an option. I believe that it’s true, because in my life I’ve seen older people acting like a child and younger ones acting like grown-ups. Psychologically, maturity relates to age but it’s your choice to be mature.

Enough with the preach. I saw this video 2 days ago, by Garfunkel and Oates – I’ve heard of them but never seen any of their videos but this one, a trending video last weekend. The video is called “29/31”, telling a story about the same person in the age of 29 and 31. In the age of 29, a woman is in the peak of her life – she’s been successful in her career, guys are all over her and she’s free to pick any guy she wants. Two years later, however, the guys are all gone for younger women. She’s left alone *I’m ALL ALOOOOOOOONEEE~* because she’s been too picky and over the cloud. Really, you’ll never know what you have till it’s gone.. 🙂 This woman’s growing old but she’s not growing up until she realized that she’s all alone. Poor her.

The morale of the story? Girls, don’t be too picky. You MUST choose the best one but not kick all the guys out, or else you’ll be left alone. A guy once told me, the older a woman is, the lower her selling point is. In the 20s a woman will say: “Who the hell are you?” to the guys who come to her, but in the 30s it’s changed to: “Whoever you are.” I guess he’s right.. 😛 The opportunity is always there, it’s just how you’re using the right moment to get it. 🙂 Be positive, and the right one will come to you.

Anyways, if you’re about to play the video, make sure you’re alone or wearing earphones, cause it’s a bit loud. 😛


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