Now that I’m growing up, I realize that nobody can describe someone else’s personality with 100% accuracy. I used to believe in zodiac when I was in junior high school – how each zodiac sign will define one’s traits and which other zodiacs he/she’s good/not good for.. Then in undergrad years I believe in blood type description – how A, B, AB and O are like.. At work how those HR people use any kind of approach to do personality test, including the DISC, Myers-Briggs and/or the temperament test [where people are divided to four types: choleric, sanguine, melancholic, and phlegmatic].

zodiac to define personality?

Approaching with only one method won’t work.. someone’s personality is always much more complicated than that. Like now when someone’s still discussing about zodiac, I will frown because it’s not as simple as that. Even combining all methods can’t describe someone’s personality. The furthest one is zodiac, of course. You can’t simply define someone’s attributes by his birth date. I find the blood type and DISC/Myers-Briggs/temperament tests are true, though.. [for the last 3 as long as that person doesn’t lie *like one of my friend did -__-“]

one of blood type comic [see more at]
Have a good night! 🙂


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