I went to the market this morning and saw [and ignored! sorry, little friend :-S] a lost little girl shouting “Mom” and “Dad”. I felt pity for her, but I’m feeling lost myself.. *I kindly wish that she’s found her parents by now. Amen.

I went to take my Master’s degree as soon as I graduated from Bachelor’s [and got accepted] because I’d always wanted to achieve my Master’s at a young age – that way I thought I’d feel confident with my career and so on and so forth. All of the family members, colleagues and friends who take their Master’s degree a bit late, maybe at the age of 30-something, also said that I’m lucky enough to be able to do it earlier, as it’s harder for them to cope with all the study materials after 10 years of working. It will also be harder for them to get a job after finishing their study – well it doesn’t apply to part-time students, but for international students, regarding the fact that they can’t study part time.

Now that I’m almost finished, I’m lost. I will be a Master’s graduate soon, but I’m far behind all my friends who started working ahead. I’ll even be behind my juniors in undergrad. That’s bad bad bad.. Plus, since I’m a Master’s graduate [with a work experience], it’s harder for me to find an employer. The process of applying jobs is tiring, been through that once, and it’s even more tiring because I have to do it once more.

Anyways, trying my best to plan things for a longer term. Wish me luck! 🙂

*by the way, the exams are slowing me down here~ I’m dying from studying. (-__-“) Gosh I want to finish it soon..
*have a nice weekend, everybody! 😀


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