I love eating. The first thing that will make me feel comfortable living in a totally new place is the food – other than the friends, of course. I’d lived in Bandung during undergrad, the centre of good food *at least for me πŸ˜› Next comes Melbourne. I had no clue about what’s here, but soon after I moved in, I realize that there are a lot! Melbourne’s always famous for the brunch restaurants/cafes or whatever you call it. My friend went to Japan for holiday once and one Japanese even knew about popular Melbourne brunch. Well, because it would be only 1.5 years for me, I don’t want to waste my time. With companion of Analia and Boni [mostly], I go around Melbourne to try the good food. Nomnom~

Here are some remarkable places [not only brunch]:

  1. Hopetoun tea room. This fancy place located at Melbourne CBD, they don’t serve all-day breakfast but their breakfast menu is so good. Out of all the brunch place I’ve been to, I like this one best. Just been there twice, though.. it’s a bit pricey and there’s always queue I’m sometimes too lazy to wait.. πŸ˜›
    scone @hopetoun tea room
    open omelette @hopetoun tea room

    raspberry cheesecake @hopetoun tea room
  2. Mart. This brunch place was opened in a former tram stop near Melbourne city. This one comes second in my list. I’ve only been there twice, too, but from both experiences the food is good and the price is also good. πŸ™‚

    oven grilled corn fritter @mart
  3. Proud Mary. I just visited this place couple of weeks ago with Analia. Her friends said the place is good and it really is good. You just have to be careful with what you order, because her order was not that good [pasta] but mine was very good.
    magic mocha @proud mary

    pork belly sandwich @proud mary
  4. Chin chin. This Thai-fusion restaurant is the current talk of the town in Melbourne *based on UrbanSpoon. It’s very good but so crowded you have to arrive early before meal time. The price is quite good for this kind of food.
    peking duck with granny green apple salad @chin chin
    can’t remember the name @chin chin

    can’t remember the name either, it’s pork with springroll skin @chin chin
  5. Chez Dre. I went there the first time with Analia and her sister, and second time with housemates. It’s good with wide seating area but the customer service was not that wow – because many people are waiting and we’ll have to wait at least 30 minutes before we’re served – unless you come early in the morning, of course. The macaroon is the highlight of the place. I don’t normally favor macaroons because they’re too sweet, but in Chez Dre, the macaroons are not too sweet. πŸ™‚
    homemade mushroom pie @chez dre
    cakes @chez dre

    macaroons @chez dre
  6. Cafe Corretto. Located on Lygon Street, this cafe serves Italian food with pizza as the specialty. I like it but I can’t go there alone because basically pizza is a share food, rite? πŸ™‚

    chicken pizza @cafe coretto
  7. Kitchen Workshop. This buffet restaurant is located in Crown Entertainment Complex, adjacent to the casino. The highlight of it is that you can eat whatever you want, starting from appetizer to dessert – and there’s seafood for dinner.

    one of the table @kitchen workshop
  8. Brunetti. This is not exactly a brunch restaurant, but a lot of people go there to have brunch because they serve Italian food [like the one I ordered], other than cakes and coffee.
    cannelloni @brunetti

    chocolate cake @brunetti
  9. Miss Marple’s. Located in Mount Dandenong, this place is worth visiting after you’re tired of bushwalking and cold. Unfortunately, they close quite early, at 3 pm. The best menu was the waffle. Crunchy and nice, not too sweet.

    waffle @miss marple’s
  10. Laksa King. This is not actually a brunch place, but the menu is very nice. Its specialty is laksa, some kind of curry from Southeast Asia (around Malaysia-Singapore), served with noodle and other toppings.

    combination curry laksa @laksa king

These are just some of what I’ve tried, but the highlighted places. I’ll post another time with the low-cost lunch place which I visit frequently [around city of course].

*written in the middle of exam preparation πŸ˜›


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