stages of love

A guy *ehm* once told me that when you love someone, there are actually 4 stages of it [according to which seems to agree with my reference]:

  1. Attraction. This is the very first stage where you feel attracted either by someone’s physical appearance or dominant trait – main thing is, you haven’t known each other so deeply.
  2. Falling in love. This can only happen after you know each other better. You’ve spent more time with him/her and you’re finally falling for each other.
  3. Madly in love. In this stage of love, you start to know each other even more – and more emotionally bonded. Furthermore, this is the stage when you love someone sincerely that all you want is seeing that significant other happy, with or without you.
  4. Commitment. Congratulations if you’ve come to this stage. This is the part where you plan your future together, not as two people but as one. Whether you’re going to get married doesn’t matter at this point. All you know is that you’ve made a commitment to be with each other stronger than before.

What happen when after you reach the forth stage, then an accident happened and your significant other doesn’t remember a bit about you?

The Vow starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams, inspired by true story

I watched “The Vow” last night. I’ve read the synopsis before, but I didn’t expect it to be so touching. It’s inspired by a true story about a newlywed couple, Leo [Channing Tatum] and Paige [Rachel McAdams], who are involved in a car accident. The wife then didn’t remember anything that happened in the last 5 years – her last memory was from 5 years ago, before she’d left her family and fiance and met her husband. Leo tried really hard to regain her memory but decided to give up in the end in order to keep Paige happy with her choice. After he left Paige, things happened and history was repeated once more.

I don’t know since when I become so sentimental and romantic, but it really touched me how Leo was committed and madly in love with Paige. Believe me, only a man truly in love can do such thing. :’) Love is a wonderful thing. 🙂 No woman can resist a man who loves her so much.


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