The Proposal Brother

Based on the recommendation of Analia – my good friend since junior high – I watched this Japanese dorama titled “Propose Kyodai” or “The Proposal Brother” [and fell in love once again with Japanese series – way more efficient than Korean dramas]. The story is about 3 brothers and 1 cousin raised in a family proposing their wives. It focuses on how different order of birth (the cousin is an only child) influences their behaviours. Interesting~ [I’ve brought up this order-of-birth topic a long time ago]

Here are the gist:

  1. The eldest child. As someone who is always relied upon by the whole family, the eldest child will usually become a responsible person who cannot let anyone who asks for help down. This applies to Yamato Ichiro [Sato Ryuta], the eldest son who runs the family business after their father decides to retire to go on around-the-world tour with his wife. Ichiro then always focuses on how to keep the customers happy, instead of thinking about his own happiness.
  2. The middle child. This is the child whom even the parents often forget. Even though they say they always love their children equally, the middle child always feel that the parents are lying. They always rely and are proud of the eldest child, while nurturing the youngest one. Thus, the middle child tends to become someone who doesn’t like conflict, because he’s afraid of being rejected. Yamato Jiro [Koike Teppei], the middle son who works in a huge advertising company, is always afraid of getting into a competition. He becomes indifferent in all things, including love.
  3. The youngest child. Everyone in the family does things for him, making him a crybaby and irresponsible person. He lies a lot, but his family don’t care, even though they know every lie he said. This becomes a problem, however, when he’s mature enough to work and he doesn’t want to because he always feels like a child. Yamato Saburo [Nakamura Aoi], the youngest son has these traits.
  4. The only child. Being the only child in the family, Tanaka Kazuo [Ito Atsushi] didn’t have to share anything with other people. That is why he tends to avoid conflicts and prefers to be alone in doing everything. He doesn’t like his space to be invaded by others and he does things in his own way.
Kazuo’s wedding – visit to watch Asian series 🙂

In the end, all the characters, apart from Jiro who seems indifferent even when it comes to picking up girls, got married to the girls of their opposite – Ichiro to a clumsy girl, Saburo to a mature and caring girl, and Kazuo to a girl who comes from a big family.

With only 4 episodes with 37-38 minutes each, this series is worth watching. You can laugh while keep nodding at the traits during the episodes. 🙂


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