textbook romance

I went to this bookstore last week and found an interesting book which I haven’t bought yet. The book is titled “Textbook Romance” from the author Zoe Foster and Hamish Blake. The tagline is “how to get a guy”, so the book is definitely for female readers.

I always like reading books about romance, occasionally. I’ve read “Why men don’t listen and women can’t read maps”, “Why men marry bitches?” and “He’s just not that into you”. Even though the most popular is the last one, I like the second one better. 🙂 Sometimes they just point out obvious things, but it’s always interesting to get to know guys better [and how different they are to women].

Textbook Romance by Zoe Foster

Back to topic, I was totally “locked” when I first saw the book, but I just didn’t buy it because it’s expensive. 😦 I will definitely buy the book after I save some money. 😀 I read some first pages of the book and it’s really interesting [the comments are a bit annoying, though, being in the margin and so on..]. Every time I’m about to buy a book, I always read some first pages to get to know the storytelling style of the author. If I like it, then I’ll definitely buy it [sooner or later]. Some authors just have this complicated style that I don’t like. I read books for my relax time and not for something serious. I read textbooks for uni and that’s my serious reading.

Anyone read the book yet? This book was published in 2008 [I Googled ;)].

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