I’m not a love guru or anything, but I just can’t stand seeing a very shy guy. I’m watching a Korean drama right now *yes, new series again :P* where the main character was this very shy guy that he couldn’t even tell his best friend face to face that he likes the girl his best friend likes. I’m going to tell the drama review later as I’m currently fighting myself not to strike my own laptop seeing this guy’s shyness. Wish me luck! ;P

“All is fair in love and war.” – There is something right here. In this guy’s case, I think he should’ve told his friend that he likes the girl too! A guy is supposed to be a “hunter” when it comes to love, so he has to fight for it instead of just give up to the condition. I’m someone who believe that shyness is the attribute of a girl and not of a guy.

The setting was in 1970s, though.. I dunno whether it’s normal those days to be a shy guy. There are things to be kept in your heart and there are things that should be spoken out.


2 thoughts on “shy

    1. well.. based on my observation, ppl tend to be less shy after many years of experience, not more shy. everything goes back to the person, anyway. in this post i’m talking in the context of love confession 🙂


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