Personal Taste

I’ve just finished watching “Personal Taste”, or also known as “Personal Reference” and “Kae Mi’s Taste”. Out of all the Korean dramas I’ve watched in the last 6 months [including “Secret Garden”, “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho”, and “49 Days”], this one is the best IMO.

Personal Taste

The story starts with an unwanted meeting between the two main characters, Park Gae Mi [Son Ye Jin] and Jeon Jin Ho [Lee Min Ho], where [of course, typically] they seem to hate each other so much because of this and that. The story goes on with Jin Ho pretending to be gay in order to be able to be a tenant in a vacant room in Gae Mi’s house. The reality was that Jin Ho’s firm was up for a tender, he was looking for an inspiration from Gae Mi’s father’s [who appears to be the “guru” of architecture] masterpiece, his house. They started to love each other after Jin Ho revealed that he’s not gay. The ups and downs of the relationship were a bit forced in the story that I got tired of it. (-__-“)

Some love scenes from Personal Taste ❤

Talking about dramas will not be complete without the presence of the supporting and mean characters. Here Jin Ho has his “hyung”, No Sang Joon [Jung Sung Hwa], and Gae Mi has her best friend, Lee Young Seon [Jo Eun Ji], who always support them no matter what. There are also Han Chang Ryul [Kim Ji Suk], who dated with Gae Mi up until the day before his cancelled wedding with Gae Mi’s once housemate and friend, Kim In Hee [Wang Ji Hye]. Not to forget Director Choi Do Bin [Ryu Seung Ryong] who is always very nice to both of them. Unlike any other dramas, though, the antagonists are not so mean you want to kill them – here they are not that strong in characters. There were moments you felt like slapping the b*tch In Hee was, but that’s all. No desire to kill her. LOL.

Main characters of Personal Taste *the one on the left is Tae Hoon, Jin Ho’s employee at the firm

However, as many series’ and movies’ problems, the ending was a bit disappointing. They focused too much on the main character’s love story that they make all the other characters ended up with one another without further explanations.

With a total of 16 episodes with 64 minutes each, this drama is quite a good one to watch *but remember, prepare for the disappointing ending*.

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