Every little thing in life needs update every once in a while, don’t you think?

A blog like this needs to be updated by the writer *in my case, who occasionally got too tired with life she doesn’t have time to update her blog*, a friend needs to hear updates about what happened with other friends, a software needs to be updated to newer version to keep it running well, even Facebook updates its layout every once in a while *which sometimes is hard to accept*..

In life, people grow as the time passes by. The one thing we can do to make life worthy is by updating ourselves. The simplest example is to remember to always take the house keys with you every time you go out after you left it on your desk at home one day. We learn from yesterday, update ourselves today and keep updating for a better tomorrow. Sometimes it sucks but we have to deal with it, and the process of update is what makes you more mature each and every day.

Good night! 🙂
*I love Wednesday. I always do. :D*


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