Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Hi All! It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been busy with uni and other stuff while I was out of uni. 😛 I’m currently watching a Korean dorama named “Personal Taste” or “Personal Preference”, but I’m gonna tell you about it later.

Before watching it, I watched a Japanese dorama called “Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge”. It’s actually a dorama from 2010, but I just got the time to watch it last week [and practically couldn’t stop until I finished all 10 episodes]. The dorama is based on a manga [Japanese comics] with the same title – or “Perfect Girl Evolution”, as it was translated to English. I read the manga, of course, and was a bit upset with the ending, but the dorama was a bit better.

Just like any other manga-based dorama, this one was about a group of cute boys [that are chased by girls] living together in a boarding house. The landlady left the house a lot that she asked her niece to look over the house for her. As for the boys, she promised that she will waive their rent until they graduate [they were all college students – while in the manga, they were high school students] if they can turn her niece into a “yamato nadeshiko” [a lady]. They agreed to the condition without knowing that Sunako Nakahara [the landlady’s niece] was a weird girl who really likes horror and always sees other people as “bright creatures”.

The characters from the dorama are:

  1. Nakahara Sunako [Oomasa Aya] – unlike what have been told in the manga, in this dorama Sunako really transformed to a more feminine figure at the end of the series. I like her character because she’s funny but mature – regardless of her strange hobby of collecting horror stuff.
  2. Takano Kyohei [Kamenashi Kazuya] – he’s the cutest of all 4 guys, but he has lots of problems – family, financial, temper.. He gets angry a lot and is also a strong fighter. He’s the reason Sunako changed.
  3. Toyama Yukinojo [Tegoshi Yuya] – he’s the sweet one. He wasn’t really exposed in the dorama, but he’s supposed to be so cute when dressed up as a girl, emotional and soft-hearted. He even one day thought that he’s a useless person because he can’t help with anything compared to the other 3. However, he’s always the thoughtful one.
  4. Oda Takenaga [Uchi Hiroki] – the wise one. He was someone with a rich background – his father owned a successful ikebana business. That is why he’s always calm and wise. He’s someone with class, but he’s kinda inexperienced around women.
  5. Morii Ranmaru [Miyao Shuntaro] – the playboy. That explains all. He can’t stay with only one woman. He’s a jerk but very loyal to his friends. In the manga, he’s the one with older girlfriends, but in the dorama he likes all kinds of women. LOL
  6. Nakahara Mine [Takashima Reiko] – the landlady that got away… all the time.
  7. Nakahara Takeru [Kato Seishiro] – the landlady’s son, who didn’t get to see his father and had to be so mature at such a young age. I like him because he can be so cute sometimes. He wasn’t in the manga, though..
Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

It’s quite an amusing dorama. Quite good to watch if you have spare time. Only 10 episodes with 46 minutes each. 🙂


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