(happy) Easter

It’s still 3 days to Easter, actually, but I’m just in the mood of writing (believe me, once the mood’s gone, I can’t write anymore).

This year’s Easter is my 25th one, the first half of which I can’t remember about. 😛

Easter Bunny

What is Easter? It’s a celebration of Jesus’ rising from His death. It might not be a new story for most of you. I’ll try to elaborate in my own language *I’m not a really religious person tho* the sacred mystery of Him and what we celebrate on the Holy Week:

  1. Maundy Thursday is the day where Jesus held the Last Supper with all his 12 disciples, said about one of them will betray him, then “service” them by washing their feet. (Love = costly – service of love = the way people will remember you because you don’t expect them to give anything in return)
  2. Good Friday is the day Jesus died on the cross. On this day *which is today*, we fast in order to set our minds free from any bad thoughts, keeping ourselves in peace of mind and we keep silent to mourn for His death.
  3. Holy Saturday is also known as the “Celebration of Light”, the night before Jesus resurrected from death. People who loved him had put his body in the cave and prayed for Him.
  4. Easter is the day of His resurrection, the third day of His death.

What does Easter mean to me? It’s the 40 days of patience and compassion to prepare His resurrection from death, keeping my head as clean as possible from any harm and bad thoughts. It’s not an easy thing to do, but I always try my best to.

Why do we Catholics keep the Jesus sculpture on our cross if He’s already resurrected? Because we believe that He will still be there as long as people keep making sins – He’s always there to sacrifice Himself for whatever sins we’ve done. It doesn’t mean that we can freely make sins, as what people are thinking, but it is as a reminder that He’ll always be there for us, no matter what, and that He’ll always forgive our sins. 🙂

Sorry for the shallow language I’m using here – as I mentioned earlier, I’m not that religious person.

Anyway, happy Easter! 🙂

Happy Easter!

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