What do you think is the most frightening thing for someone?

For me, it’s change. I admit that I’m a conventional person, hence I’m not that accepting when it comes to change. I’d like to, but my inner self just won’t accept it easily. I’ve seen some people who seem to accept changes easily – I’m definitely not one of them. I’d need one week at least, before finally accepting the change.

Change is, however, unavoidable. In life, you’d have to deal with changes. The most simple thing is when you move to a new school or to a new neighborhood as a child. The most change resistant creatures are children. They adapt really quickly. As time goes by, when you’re getting older, change is not that easy anymore. The hardest age for change is teenager. You have the most unstable emotional states and dealing with it will only make you even more unstable.

One of my friends use this sentence in his status: “Change is the only constant.” and I think he is really right. What makes you survive is your adaptability to change and how you stand for what you think is right, rather than what others think you should stand for.

… I dunno what I was just writing up there!


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