coffee and me

I’ve been a long time fan of coffee – well, since my mom allowed me to drink it – and I’m feeling very lucky to stay in the “coffee town”, Melbourne. Here, wherever you go, you’ll find people walking with a cup of coffee in their hands. I can also make sure that you can find a coffee shop, or at least a store that sells coffee, in 500 meter radius or less. 😛 The habit of drinking coffee everyday makes me fat – I’ll gain weight for sure if I don’t walk more than a mile everyday, but still I love it.

Back home, people also drink coffee, but most of them are blue-collar workers. It’s also pretty hot there, drawing me away from coffee. The popular coffee shop is one shop from the USA, which is quite expensive for Indonesian standard.

For now, let me enjoy the nice aroma of coffee :P~

latte at one shop - this is my favorite coffee, I can't have espresso as it's too strong for me

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