Moomba festival

Last weekend came my favorite festival of the year. Out of all the festivals I’ve been to in Melbourne in the last one year, this one my favorite FREE festival. All other free festivals are totally lame.

I’ve read somewhere *that’s why I can’t give you any reference* that “moomba” means “water” in certain language. The festival runs across the banks of Yarra river and is held annually. There are many kinds of fun can be found here: water skiing, Birdman [not sure whether it’s still there – here someone will be given a pair of “wings” and he’ll fly above the river to finally reach it], fun rides, games, foods, and don’t forget fireworks to close the days.

Well, enough with the story. Let me just share some pictures.. 🙂

water skiing - needs extra balance for that!
A game with huge plush toys for the prize
Fishing game
Sky flyer - one of the rides
Space roller - another ride
Fireworks to close the days
I was looking for the choc-coated banana but couldn't find it ;( this pic was from last year's Moomba festival

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