Promised you that I’ll be updating soon about the differences between Long Distance Relationship (LDR) and Short Distance Relationship (SDR), so here I am. 😉 I got things to do yesterday I forgot to post things. 😛 I’ll share about the particular thing I did last night in my next post. With some pictures, of course. For now, let’s focus on our topic.

Here are the main differences between LDR and SDR [I just made them up several days before posting this up]:

  • Distance. Of course. Even if you’re only separated by couple of hours drive, then you’re an LDR couple. You’d be able to see each other just once a week [well, if one of you is jobless then you’d be able to see each other more..] and he/she’s not always gonna be there for you. While for SDR couples, I’ve seen many couples seeing each other everyday. *can’t imagine that..
  • The frequency of seeing each other. This has been discussed in previous point. 😛 In some cases [like mine, sad..], the couples are separated by more than a thousand miles so they can only see each other for 3 months in a year time. This is why you have to keep the trust, communication and commitment [from my previous post about LDR].
You can't hold hands in LDR
  • The frequency of fights. From my experience, being separated for too long is not healthy for the relationship, because when you’re in an LDR, you tend to keep your partner happy in order to avoid fights. You communicate more, but you fight less. The real you will come out when you’re near. You’ll fight more and it’s more healthy, IMO, because there must be this kind of fight between two people. It’s always better to fight while you’re still in a relationship, adapting to things and habits here and there, rather than having it after you’re married.
You tend to fight more in SDR
  • The connection. Somehow, having an LDR is a good way to improve your “connections” with each other. From here, you’ll find out if he/she’s really the one. It’s not something like the 6th sense where you can telepathy or so [I’d wished I could teleport, though..], but you’ll become more sensitive to your partner’s feelings. Only from the words he/she chooses, later you’ll find out how he/she’s feeling.
  • Things you share. OK, you’re maintaining the communication and you know what your partner is doing. You even watch movies at the same time, in the cinemas separated by thousands of miles so you can share stories after the movie ends. However, there’s a huge difference when you’re really together physically to when you only hear the story. This is where SDR benefits much much more..

In my conclusion [I have to say that because it’s a private conclusion, which hopefully some of you will find useful], it’s always better to have an SDR, but having an LDR in between will be a very good experience for every couple. When in SDR, you gain physical experience [he/she can always be there for you when you need him/her–because you CAN’T hug and kiss people through Skype] and when in LDR, you gain psychological and mental experiences [you get to see what you don’t see when you’re always together].

Love love love!


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