the art of rushing

I’m currently watching the old, 13-year-old TV series called “Popular”. The drama is about high school girls and all that unstability period all people experience(d). The last episode I watched was about rushing a relationship.

I’m not going to talk about relationships here, I’ll be focusing on the “rushing” part. Being a slowpoke in a fast-paced environment *oh yes my parents are quick people*, I do my best to adapt to their pace. By rushing things up. I know that rushing is never my thing, because I wasn’t made to be fast, but I still do it. As a result, stupid things happen when I rush things up. Spoiling a bottle of water and making horrible decisions are just two of many things.

As I grew older, I finally accept the fact that I’m slow. Hence, I just do my best. I know rushing things will only make me worse and less accurate. So instead of having to feel sorry and regret what I’ve done, I prefer to work things out at my own pace. The result is satisfaction. Even though I can’t keep the same speed with others, I still obtain the same results. 🙂 Stupid things are minimized and regrets are prevented.

Well, what is the need of rushing when you have time?


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