cleaning up

Do you know what I don’t like the most about living in Melbourne? You have to do all the cleaning up by yourself! Laundry, dish washing, vacuuming the floor…

I’m just back from holiday in Jakarta where I feel like being in heaven and hell at the same time. I don’t have to cook and clean there, but the traffic and the air are like hell. I have friends here and there in Jakarta, but I can’t hang out with them to the fullest due to the curfew at home and in my eyes *oh yes I’m a very diurnal person*. Most of my friends are now working, though.. they can’t be disturbed before 6 pm earliest.

Anyway, even though I feel so annoyed by the fact that one of my lecture already started from week 0, I’m now a bit grateful about it. Because otherwise, I’ll be this alien who doesn’t talk to anybody for my first 4 days here. That makes a huge gap between Melbourne and Jakarta. I used to be surrounded by people in Jakarta and would’ve been super lonely in Melbourne.

So, I complained a lot but I’m still grateful about the lecture. Still complain about the cleaning up, though.. Hope I’ll get myself used to it again soon.


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