flickr vs instagram

The Flickr trend started at around 2006 when Yahoo! began managing it. I was in the heat of photography that I uploaded a lot of pictures there–not only the ones I captured photographically but also the ones with me and my friends in them. 😉 I can’t remember since when I stopped checking my Flickr account. I guess some friends are still active there until now, but I just don’t. I stopped my photography hobby yet still underestimate them who only use digital SLR cameras for the trend [I know using a digital SLR gives you better picture quality, but I’m sick by the fact that most people are using their beautiful SLR cameras under auto-mode]. I used my camera phone more for capturing, since it’s more practical and there’s no way I’m not taking my mobile around.

Realizing that very fact, a developer invented Instagram, a photo editing and sharing application on Apple’s iPhone. I just started using the app a couple of months ago but I know that it’s already existed since a longer time ago. It’s fun sharing your pictures to your friends *sometimes it’s used to show others places you’ve gone to in order to make them jealous :P* where they get to like your retouched photos. I also left Adobe Photoshop, the software I used to use, and give it all to Instagram.

*sigh* I guess I still need my real camera though.. It makes me sick capturing using my lousy camera phone. I won’t, however, transfer my captured pictures to my mobile and upload them to Instagram, like many friends did. Let’s just keep it as simple as possible. Uploading your professional photos to a mobile phone’s application is cheating. It’s supposed to be an app for mobile and mobile only. At least it’s my opinion. 😉

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