family invasion

I’ll have an exam for the subject called “Internet communication engineering” in… 2.5 hours from now [and due to the brain-tireness and numbness, I’m updating my long-lost blog rather than studying]. Studying the subject I just realised that Internet plays a very important role these days. Not only touching the young generations like what people might have thought several years ago, it has affected the older generations as well.

The very good example for this is my parents’ “exposure” to the Internet. I can still remember those days when I tried to convince my parents to learn to be connected and they refused the offer. That happened 10 years ago. Now, even my mom–the good housewife who hadn’t touched the computer since Pentium I was launched *she worked so she was quite familiar with the previous version of computer*–can log in to Facebook, despite the fact she doesn’t own an account. She would browse the Internet during her spare time [I think at first it’s because she’s bored being home without my sister or me around].

I remember some friends telling me they were being cautious around the Internet because their families can “invade” their activities from the updates on the social networking sites. I, on the other side, never feel disturbed by this fact. In fact, I’m happy that I can now Skype with mom and she can also know how I’m doing from Facebook. 🙂 We don’t text or Skype everyday like normal mother-daughter do, but at least we can know each other’s condition from the Internet.

Well, by the presence of my parents on the social media, I become more cautious when I’m posting things. Not because I’m afraid of their comments, but because I’m afraid that I’ll upset them with my ruthless actions. And it’s a good thing, anyway, since I sometimes will thoughtlessly post things online. LOL. Not a good netiquette. 😀

Hands up for those who feel invaded by their family’s presence on the Internet! *I’m keeping my hands down


2 thoughts on “family invasion

    1. uhmm.. my facebook is set so only my contacts can see my activities. being aware of that fact, I sometimes post things that are a bit controversial. on the other hand, my blog is available to public so I’m always cautious about what I write.


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