fortune teller

When I’m going to a festival, there’s one booth which always attracts me but I barely went to one: the fortune teller. The only time I went to that booth was on my high school’s festival, with my friend being the fortune teller so I didn’t have to pay.

I’m not the kind of person who is highly religious nor scientific–I do believe in fortune telling stuff. In fact, when that friend read me and told me that I had some kind of a sixth sense, I believed her. I also believe that this sixth sense thingy was something you got from your parents or grandparents. I heard stories about a family member hearing or seeing “someone” from the other world, but we never develop the “gift”, simply because we don’t want to.

Critics usually come from logical or religious side. Fortune telling never makes any sense because it’s not scientifically proven. The religious never believe in it because they believe only God knows about the future. For me, I believe that there are people who can “see” the future, but at the time, everything is back to the person himself and he’s the one who can change his future. When the prophecy says that I’ll have a good luck tomorrow, I’ll walk confidently the next day and the day will happen to be a good one because everything is from your mind. When it says a bad thing, I’ll be more aware and the day will also be a good one. Bad things happen, no matter what your fortune of the day says. It just happens naturally so you can appreciate the good things more.

I’ve tried palmistry [in fact, I know a bit about palmistry 😛 I don’t read my own palm, though..], aura “reading”, Tarot card reading.. you name it. All of them are only at most 75% true. I don’t really hold to the readings though.. it just strikes me when it comes true. Hehe..

So, what do you say about fortune telling? 🙂


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