not so girly

Seeing a guy carrying his girlfriend’s handbag all the way around while the girl is walking carelessly is not something strange these last few months for me. I know that it might be a “cultural thing”, as my lecturer said, but it’s still not ethical for me. I heard a girl (from another country) saying the other day: “How come that girl lets her boyfriend carrying around her purse like that? I pity him. When I’m going out with my boyfriend, I’ll just let him carrying my shopping bags but not my handbag because my wallet and phone are inside.”

My mom is my first idol. Being a kid, I only knew her as an amazing adult. She always manages to do all the house works while taking care of both her daughters. It’s not as hard as when we were kids anymore. I still remember those days when my toddler sister would cry out loud for food and mom was still busy taking care of the whining, sick me. [I fell sick so often when I was younger.] Mom would look very tired but still take care of both of us with a smile on her face. When I was in elementary school, I would be very grateful to have her, seeing my friends were taken care by their babysitters while their moms were busy working. They are, until now, always rich and seem to always be able to buy what they want, but they never feel the very full mother’s love like what my sister and I feel.

Enough about me. My point is, I grew up with a strong woman as an idol, so I never imagined that outside my so-beautiful small world there would be any spoiled “little princess”. What amazes me is that these little princesses dominate the girls’ population in the world *I’m exaggerating a bit :P*. 60% of the girls I met outside my high school [I think I’ve mentioned several times that I went to an all-girl high school where we even carry our own desk here and there.] are little princesses. I thank God for not becoming one [but who am I to judge myself? :P], but I somehow tolerate to their characteristics.

I can never forget one sentence from my female classmate in my Bachelor’s study yelling: “Boys please help us move the desk!” when she saw me moving the desk by myself. I didn’t feel disturbed having to move it myself, but many other girls did and I never understand why.

Other “girly” thing is unwilling to walk far enough, preferring to travel by car even to a quite near place. Then not willing to carry heavy stuff, even when it’s just a bit heavier than the usual load. Another annoying one is to scream hysterically seeing disgusting things [while I startled my guy friends when I calmly stomped a cockroach entering my room instead of calling them].

Well maybe I’m not so girly after all, but so are my mom. And my high school classmates–not all of them, but most of them. We just need to make sure that we’re not more masculine than our boyfriends/husbands. ๐Ÿ˜›

Have a nice weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚

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