I might not exaggerate to say that the whole world was really shocked today to hear the news about Steve Jobs’ death. I opened up my laptop this morning and logged on to Twitter like I always do to find that the timeline was all about him. People who aren’t even the fans of Apple have all been tweeting about him.

Well, what’s up with this guy?

If you’d asked someone 10 years ago about who Steve Jobs is, he’d most likely not known the answer to that question. Mac was not so popular back then, except for the tech-freak. However, 5 years later (or maybe sooner), iPod had become a hit. You can see people walking around with the white earphones, hanging the device either on their neck or in their front pocket. Later on, iPhone was invented and Apple is officially a market player. Macbook, which was only popular between the designer, also becomes a trend. People who don’t really use MacOS buy Macbook just because it seems cool to carry it around. Oh, and don’t forget iPad which becomes the initiator of tablet PCs. Then we will start looking at the person behind it all: Steve Jobs.

He found Apple, fired from his own company, then called back in after they realized that it’s him who is the genius. He was the genius because he can always “look to the future”. He can predict what people would like to have later in life. He never stopped innovating. This is the most important quality of a businessman, but not all businessmen have it.

Many people think that to innovate means to invent something new, while in fact it doesn’t have to be something new. It can be something old, but with new features. And actually that’s how it works. Was iPod the first MP3 player in the world? No. It was the features that weren’t in other MP3 players the attraction points. Therefore, I think everyone can actually become an innovator. You just have to think about what people would like to have in the future and always think out of the box. Try to see things from different point of view.

We can always innovate while we’re still alive. Sometimes our ideas are good, sometimes it’s bad, but the key is to keep trying.

RIP Steve Jobs. This post is not sent from my iPhone but I still love my phone. 😉 Thank you for creating these gadgets for us.


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