Regarding color differentiation, I might be the worst girl you’ve ever met. I read a popular psychology book mentioning that women tend to be better in color differentiation than men. While my mom and sister could tell a fuschia shirt, I stubbornly debated that it was purple [when I arrived at the cashier, she told me that it was fuschia instead of purple]. Anyway, I can tell blue from purple and red from yellow so I’m not colorblind. [The colorblind gene is somehow lethal to women.]

As a younger, sweeter girl I used to like certain colors and hate another. It just happened naturally and yellow was one of the hated color at the time. However, as I grow older I become wiser with color and don’t hate one particular color. I now try to relate color with my mood. I read a study about how different colored shirt can affect your mood of the day and I believe it was true. I will become more grumpy when I’m wearing black and more cheerful when I’m wearing yellow. Hence, I started to collect yellow-colored shirts and it appears to fit me perfectly. I will look brighter when I wear yellow. 🙂 And I like my yellow mood. 😀

Let’s see some other colors.

Blue is still, however, my favorite color as it can calm my mind

Green can make me feel fresh..

Pink is to express my love ❤

Red is for when I’m angry

Spongebob Squarepants, my fave yellow character ❤


*heyyaaaaa~ happy Monday 🙂 hope y’all have a nice week 🙂


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