money does matter

Whoever says that he/she doesn’t feel that money is important is naive, I can say. I meet so many people saying out loud that they don’t care about money and that money doesn’t matter but in the end they praise people with money as if they [the people with money] are gods.

I might still be an idealist that says money doesn’t matter, but who knows what I’ll say 10 years from now? I might be one of the people who praises others with money. Having worked before, I realized that even though there are several things more important than money [love and friendship, San Chai from Meteor Garden says :P], money is indeed important. The main purpose of people working hard is money. Without money, we can’t live. With excessive amount of money, we can have fun to the fullest. [Well, for me, in order to have that fullest fun I need my beloved ones by my side, but not all people think like me.]

Anyway, up until now, I’m still with the principle that money can buy things, but money can’t buy me love~ *singing :P* Money does matter in this world, but it’s not everything.


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