It’s been a while since I last threw a birthday bash for my friends. Earlier this week, there was this birthday surprise coordinated by my friend and I was just helping out. I used to be the initiator for this kind of surprise for my lodge-mates. Most of them will be excited about the idea that we remember their birthdays and willingly spent our time to surprise them.

Just like most girls out there [I found out that only 50% of the guys are interested in this kind of thing], I also like special events like birthdays. When it’s my own birthday, I’ll wait happily for all calls, texts and FB walls wishing me happy birthday throughout the day. When it’s other’s, I’ll imagine how my surprise will make them happy before the day comes.

Being a person that I am [I always feel that I have pretty different thoughts with most people], I always believe that each year our age is decreasing, while most people will say that it’s increasing. The number IS increasing, but our age is decreasing.

However, I learned from those around me that after you pass the age of 25 or 30 years old, birthdays are no longer important since you’ve reached your “saturation” mode where you don’t need a reminder of that special day anymore. Moreover, age becomes a very sensitive issue especially to women. LOL. [One thing you should never ask to a woman: age.]

Happy Sunday! 🙂


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