In Merriam-Webster dictionary , altruism is defined as:

“unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others”

Having been raised by a mother who was always there for me has made me quite an altruist outside home. I tried my best to please others, especially my friends. I must thank God that all my friends were good to me then, because I read stories about other altruists being abused by the people they helped.

Only later I realized that the world is not that beautiful, because not all people whom we treat nicely will treat us nicely in return–the fact is, most people can’t thank others enough that nice people are bullied. I turned to become a realist and only treat those who really love me nicely. I started to put myself before others and be more selfish. I thought helping others thoroughly will make me happy, but keeping myself happy is even happier than helping others. So I think I’ll continue living this way. 🙂

However, altruists are still out there and I don’t have the rights to judge them.


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