I’m playing The Sims since the first PC game came out 8-9 years ago. The game developer always tries to create better and improved Sims, but one thing they never eliminate from the Sims is the social point. Every Sim there must socialize in order to live their lives to the fullest.

The fact that nowadays real human beings don’t really care about real socializing anymore makes me sad.. Social media has isolated us from interacting with others in real life. I still remember that when I was younger, I used to go out every afternoon to play in my friend’s house or ride a bicycle with my friends. What happens now to the younger generation is they won’t go out and play but they’ll sit in front of their computers and connect to the social media. Real interactions are not important anymore and people become individualist.

I believe every person needs their own “social points” where they need to go out and hang out with friends, out of the social media because it only makes you more pathetic and lonely. However, the busier I get, the less interactions possible so social media is one way to keep in touch with people. I don’t like people who are always busy with themselves but I don’t think I can protest too since I do that too. As the people around me become busy with themselves, I tried myself and get used to be busy with myself.

At the end of the day, I still need real interactions with real people, not by comments on the social media or spreading my words out on my own blog.

The good example is this mid-sem break week. I had one week of holiday and didn’t really have a plan to go out with my friends other than going to the winter festival [which was cancelled due to how sad the venue seems to be]. There was this one day when I didn’t go out of home. I tried to keep myself happy by waking up in the morning, cooking for my lunch and watching the TV dramas I don’t get the chance to watch once I start uni, but I can only stand that for half a day. After watching a couple of episodes, I then texted my sister and begged her to Skype with me because I need real interactions. Facebook and Twitter [I’m active at both] are never enough. Thank God she was free at the moment so we could video call and relieved me a bit. 🙂

One lesson from the Sims: when you don’t really interact with anyone for more than a couple of days, especially when you have nothing to do at home, you can go crazy if you only interact with Facebook because it’s not real. You need to go out and go crazy with a bunch of friends. A human’s life is not just about how to keep your stomach full and your body clean, but also how to communicate with others, seeing the true expression from them.

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