servicing God

I feel funny now as I’m writing abt this just several days after I retweeted my friend’s statement abt the disgust she feels everytime she reads someone’s tweet mentioning God and God only. Anyway, here I am. 🙂

I went to this event yesterday, invited by my best friend *she’s in the committee*. I don’t actually go to this kind of religious event that much. I feel goosebumps just by thinking about it *evil me*. However, since i got a friend to accompany me to the event, there i go. We were late, and we could only listen to a sermon by this “imported” father. He’s funny. And among all jokes, the messages are well-received as well.

The one thing i remember the most is about servicing God. By mentioning this point as a thing people do as a runaway, he “slapped” some people for sure. I wrote about this before, about people doing services in the church only to get attention from others while on the other side he/she is ignoring his/her family [I’d refer to the closest, beloved people by the word “family” in this post], so I think this is a good point he made. The father stated: servicing God is useless when you ignore the people around you, because your main “job” as a human is to serve others around you. By this he didn’t mean that we have to ignore God as well. We still have to serve God, but we have to understand that we also have others who love and need us.

One example he’s given was about a couple. One night, the husband was “high” and he asked his wife to have s*x [do I need to censor this word? :P] with him. His wife, tho, told him to wait until she finished her rosary prayer. LOL. By the time she finished, the husband had lost his passion. This was just an illustration of the wrong “servicing God” thing. As a human being and as a wife specifically, the father said, she has to serve her husband in the first place. [Well it also depends on the situation.. this can’t be done once you’re in a church. -__-“]

However, the event’s theme was “Let Your will be done”. We can only let His will be done after we say “yes” to anything that requires our sacrifice. 🙂 Good one. 🙂

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