ideal Saturday night

OK, I’m guilty.

I almost closed the wordpress window when I saw a little box on the right side [after I posted the previous one] saying “next blog idea” and one of them is “ideal Saturday night”. Then, here I am, tempted to write something. I must admit that one reason I don’t write so often anymore is lack of ideas. That’s why when I have one topic I’ll be very happy and write about that particular topic.

As a background idea, I was born and raised in an Eastern country–means everything’s done in an introvert manner.

First, I will position myself in the city where I live, Jakarta. Back there the traffic is very bad [I read one article before saying that Jakarta is the least preferred city when it comes to traffic.] and the worst traffic will be on Saturday nights. So, when I have nothing to attend [parties], I’ll just stay at home, spending my time chatting with my parents or my sister, sitting in my room browsing the web [thank God the wireless was there :P], or watching DVDs. There are times where I spend my Saturday night hanging out with friends, but it usually starts at noon so I won’t be trapped in the middle of the traffic. Hehe..

Second, in the city where I did my undergrad study, Bandung. I went here and there by public transport, so I didn’t really have many choices. I usually initiated this “ladies night out” on the Saturday night but that’s not a regular thing. Most of the time I’ll spend my Saturday night in my room, browsing the web and chatting with friends. Nothing so special but I actually enjoy it. Knowing the fact that people from Jakarta spend their Saturday night in Bandung, I’m not really interested in joining the crowd. In fact, I don’t like crowds. Being in the crowd makes me dizzy.

Last but not least, the rocking city where I’m staying now, Melbourne. Spending time alone in this city is much better than in any place in Indonesia. People don’t really care about what others do. The problem is, I don’t like the feeling of spending my Saturday night alone outside the house. So I’d prefer staying at home, playing games and going to bed early. Since I promised myself not to study on the weekend [except on special cases like the last couple of weeks where I had to, unless I’ll miss out on things], I normally do things I like on Saturday night: reading novels/magazines and watching movies [which, actually, as a student, I can do anytime :P].

The conclusion is, my ideal Saturday night will be staying at home, lounging in my favorite spot, spending the night doing things I like and more preferably with the people I love. 🙂

*c’mon ppl, gimme an idea abt what to write next 😀


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